Chinese Domain Market is going bullish again!


Well, First of all, happy new year and wish you all a prosperous year ahead.

Even though it’s the year of the monkey, Chinese domainers are not monkeying around, a lot of activities were going on even on new year’s eve surprisingly, by the time of this post, the price of 4 letter .com domains without a,e,i,o,u,v letters are at 16000rmb which is around 2400usd supported by the prices of  other short domains in various extentions.

This is a good sign as Chinese domainers set out early to reap their rewards while the prices are still at a reasonable level as many are predicting a bullish ride of domain price in 2016, particularly with short domains.

Within Chinese market, some of the trading statistics so far today are as follows:

12 4L .com domains have changed hands with highest price at 16788rmb (2554usd) while the total price at 191886rmb

740 domains were sold with highest price of 1000 (152usd)  totalling 52759rmb

346 traded with a total of 61509 with highest price of 1199(182usd)

11 4L domains were bought with highest price point of 2588(394usd)  totalling 28214rmb

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