DNacadamy by MICHAEL CYGER goes online!


After Chinse domain heavyweight Booksir Zhuang Liangji started his course to educate Chinese domain rookies and alike to better themselves in domain investment which was reported by Ron Jackson from DN Journal, we now have well-known domainer Michael Cyger of DomainSherpa.com opening his DN Acadamy to give new domain investors a helping hand.

Though I don’t know Michael personally, I have followed his interviews of domainers from time to time and have come away with a lot of useful information. I think DN Acadamy is a good addition to all the available information out there, because it gives beginners a sense of direction, a a-z of domain investment as illustrated in its curriculum.

I appreciate that Michael is very straight-forward and honest in his opening video message to potential users of his acadamy as follows:

This is not a get rich quick system; this is not a buy-a-gold-egg system; there are no magic beans; this is a time is money, study the right thing system; this is a professionally edited system, focused on adult learning objectives; this is a workd hard system; this is get rich slow system; this is a make a profit, pay your taxes, save some extra money so you can retire early system.’

here comes the important bits- price points. I think the price is fair with 349usd for basic (per year), 499usd for pro (per year) and they have an option for company package as well.


apparently they’re doing a special offer of 50usd discount by the end of february, so if you think you are persistant enough and motivated enough, then it’s a good deal to sign up to.


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