Domain Meetings/conferences/gatherings/events to look out for in 2016!


Where do you go to make connections and share similar domain interests in person? well, domain meetingss/conferences/gatherings/events no less, and i hope i have it all covered. Namescon has just finished with a great high, and i’m sure many of you are excited as i am and hoping to find domain events to attend.

There are a couple of scheduled ones that a proper domainer should attend:

  1. Domaining Europe: it’s going to be held in the Hague, Netherlands from 29th-31st May, 2016, organized by Dietmar J. Stefitz who has been in the game since 1994 in the Internet Business. According to his own description, He ‘registered his first Domain the 4th of July 1995 and since than has tried to combine the real and the virtual world.Already before 2000 he created virtual trade shows and a virtual business center in 4 languages. In 1999 he assisted PSINET with a few big acquisitions in Europe has been Vice-President of Anprotel which has been a constituency member of EUROISPA. Since many years he is actively in the Domain Business and organizes Workshops and Domain Conferences in Spain.‘ Domaining Europe has been held 7 times before in Valencia, Spain, but this year he has decided to venture into the rest of Europe and may start to hold the event in various Europeans cities to try to meet a diverse background of domainers in Europe. I plan to be there and meet as many people as possible and I’m sure a lot of good will come out of it. Domainers in Europe are generally more conservative and the market is milder in comparison with that of America and Asia, so it’s important that people like Dietmar are working hard to bring people together and spread the word.

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2. The Domain Conference: organized by domain veteran Howard Neu and will be held on September 10-14th 2016 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Howard is ‘one of the co-founders of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. show, and his indefatigable work as the mild-mannered moderator of that show has served to enhance the appeal of domain investing outside regular industry circles. Howard is also known as “The Internet Lawyer” on his blog,, where he writes about legal and political issues impacting the industry. Howard’s career includes Mayor and Councilman of the City of North Miami, Florida, Municipal Judge, President of the North Dade Bar Association, TV & Radio Talk Show Host, Stage and Screen Actor, Internet Domain Defense Litigator in U.S. Federal Court, National Arbitration Forum and WIPO.’ With Howard’s experience and connection, I’m certain it’s going to be a cracking show.

I’m pretty sure that i will be in the Netherlands for Domaining Europe and hopefully I will talk to you there.


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