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If you want to do well and get the most out of your domains, you need to follow the latest domain price and trends closely. To help you do that , i highly recommend the following few domain sales tracking websites that many professional domainers have already been using:

  1. this one has been there for a while now and i like it for the fact that it’s free and it offers a large database of domain sales taking place in the major marketplaces such as godaddy, sedo, etc…you can simply put in a keyword or a certain extension that you’re particularly interested in and then you would get relavant sales figures which would help you make a decision on what kind of price you want to set for similar domains of your own. Its daily market report is worth a visit too.
  2. i used it website a lot when i was tracking price changes on 4 letter .com domain and 4 number .com domains, and their presentation of price change using bar chart and curves was one of the first in the industry and was easy to use and very helpful.                4n domains chart
  3. this website has been widely publicized for sussing out the market condition in the chinese domain market and rightly so as it tracks sales in major chinese domain trading platforms and that in this day and age where chinese domainers are making waves is a big pull for all domainers to pay attention to and no wonder it has a large following, both chinese and foreign. It shows the price changes of different types of domains in different extentions in red (price going up) and green(price going down) just like how you would see on a stock market trading screen. When you click on a certain type of domains (for example, 4 letter .com domains without a,e,i,o,u,v),  then you would go to a page with detailed information where you can learn the movers and shakers of that certain category by the hour and the total number and value of domain trading with a rank of top domain sales in the category.

These are the 3 tracking websites that i would visit on a daily basis and it in a way helps with decision making with all the information avaiable, and i hope this would help you as well.

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