come knocking, have you had a similar experience?


I was contacted by one of the Domain Name Sales representatives this morning and was told that they had a client hoping to buy one of my domains.

This is rather new to me, because though I have been contacted by the likes to Godaddy, Sedo or Ename, it’s the first time for me to receive an inquiry from Domain Name Sales.

For those of you who don’t know Domain Name Sales, it’s one of Frank Schilling’s companies and they tend to sell domains worth of millions every year along with other domain related services and products.

About DomainNameSales

From what I heard, Domain Name Sales’ average sale price is around 30,000 USD, so i’m hoping their client is aware of this and does not lowball me.


Have you had any experience with Domain Name Sales before and how did it pan out for you?

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