Seth Rogen launches cannabis company with according domain name secured


I’ve seen some movies with Seth Rogen involved and I’ve also watched some talk shows that featured Seth Rogen, one of the things that left me with a deep impression about the actor is his giggles and laughs and now I know why as he just launched his own cannabis company – HousePlant.

As a domainer at heart, my first reaction was to check whether he has got the domain name to go with his brand, staying true to the domainer spirit, I simply typed to the browser address bar and went to the site straight away, and he is indeed owner of the domain.

The whois information indicates that the domain was first registered back in 1997 and the latest update took place last July.

A little dig into the sales history reveals more information as it was sold via Uniregistry in 2017 for a mere $5000 USD.

Cannabis industry is booming and with the right brand and the right domain to go along with it, Seth and his company are on a highway to success!

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